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Export to CSV is an optional add-on utility program that can be purchased separately.
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Maybe add to Master Booarder when purchase method sorted as a [CSV Export] button?

Q. What does this utility do?
A. It exports all or selected Membership or Contacts details (data) to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) text file which in turn can be saved to any location on your computer.

Q. What can I use the exported CSV file for?
A. It can be used with any third party software such as a spreadsheet or word processor etc. Common uses include mail merge or mass emails, there are many possibilities.

Q Will it affect my existing Membership or Contacts data in any way?
A. Not at all, the export process creates a mirror copy of your data then users the copy only.

Q. How does it work (actual screen shot of utility below)
A. Select the member details you wish to include, select how you want the data sorted (name, number or type), the status, all members or a selected type only, all or for a select month only.
The include a single Member Type and by selected Month only options are hidden if not selected.
Select the [Export members to CSV] button, view the CSV file and optionally ‘Save’ it to any location.

CSV files are for computers to read so they are not very legible (example below).
...but when imported into a spreadsheet it will look like the example below.


A mail merge example below using a word processor.